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January 20 2012: Choosing for Brush


Stocking A Brush with the Past is a series of constant choices: what fixtures to use, what display to employ, what inventory to entice. And I like change! So I closed A Brush with the Past for two weeks earlier this month. I wanted to go on an uninterrupted all-out  "buying week",  on various excursions to find new inventory and imagine what my guests might enjoy.

People come in and often ask me what kinds of things am I looking for. I have a stock list for sure, but mostly, I look for things that are unusual, are well designed and functional, are irresistibly beautiful to look at and touch, or are just curious oddities. The truth is that I will know it when I see it. Sort of.

I take chances more often than I thought I would. If an object catches my eye, I ask myself "can I afford it?" (usually the first question!), "is it interesting (well-designed and unusual and/or beautiful)?" and "what does my impulse/intuition tell me about it?" 

I don't always "like" what I buy, but there must be some something about an object that makes it stand out enough that I think it would be terrific in the store. Most often, however, I buy just what I like -- and here are some samplings of what I treated Brush to this last two weeks on my excursions:

This Authentic Craftsman Cabinet is one of the Display Fixtures I purchased for the store. I have placed things in it that are from the same era, art books, and dishes of small treasures that are fun to sort through.

"Mr Henri Tress" box atop an Antique Writing Desk. A pair of 3D Coca-Cola Glasses are temporarily perched there as well.

This round Glass Top Table is packed mostly with colorful dishes a la Fiesta style (and a Fiesta Teapot is hiding under vintage Crochet Potholders).
I love silk embroidery..this Vintage Trinket Box is a perfect size for special trinkets. Vintage Crochet gloves (sold since the photo), a Silverplate Art Nouveau hairbrush (I had to buy brushes, you know), and another of my "always buy" items: anything with Terriers. The little 2 Drawer Box has an inlaid Terrier Motif all around it. Vintage Motif Jewelry by local artist Aleta Jacobson (the newspaper article is a feature on her current art exhibit at the Claremont Forum in Claremont California).

I rarely buy SnP Shakers, even though I know there are avid collectors...but these hand painted ones are beautiful and have an Art Nouveau appeal I love.

If I had a nickel for every Vintage Wooden Stamp I buy....well, now that I have a shop, I may indeed! Love to find the metal Revolving Stamp Holders, and the Scale to the right is a magnificent butter yellow with terrific graphics. I have been looking for such a scale for along time. This one is IT!
Had never seen a Copper Toaster! Love it...this is an example of an item I thought might stay on my shelves for awhile, but that I was way too attracted to to NOT buy for the store. I think it is pretty terrific (not to mention functional!)

Some of these have lived here for awhile, but there are always new ones too...the horse, the bobbing

Another item I am always scouting for are Vintage House dresses. This one is a lovely pink with pinker detail designs, and I have wrapped an organza with black flocked edging apron. I have purchased a huge collection of Vintage Aprons for be released soon :)
And this is one of those "could NOT resist" purchases..."paid too much probably, may never sell , but gee ain't it grand!" items. It is a Wagon Nightlight.  I mean, how could you NOT love it...well...maybe not for everybody, but it lives here for now at A Brush with the Past, and I have dubbed it "The Welcome Wagon"

That's only a small portion of the over 300 new curiosities I brought into A Brush with the Past this week!  I also have lots of new Vintage and Antique Jewelry, Men's Jackets and Cool Vintage Shirts, Cashmere for both Men and Women, and many many more curiosities ....
And that is just INside...the OUTside is getting a bit of a new look as well. Come see.

Until next time on A Brush with the Past,

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  1. Lovely collection!! I am looking high & low for antique wooden stamps, but haven't had much luck online. Would you consider posting a few of yours to London? Susan